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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  July 25, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> and on i'm cheryl jennings. >> the two suspects in the beating of bryan stow are due in a los angeles courtroom today to face charges against them. amy hollyfield joins us with more. >> reporter: because of this hearing we're learning more about the suspects. police believe they attacked two other people that night at the game, a man and a woman. we learned that from the paperwork that the district attorney's filed this morning and also they bragged to the fight with co-workers. here is a picture of them at the
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game that night. they had cellphone signals and pictures that put luis sanchez and marvin norwood at the game. they are charged with beating bryan stow. he has been nopt since the march 31 attack. he is charged with mayhem, assault and battery. >> the complaint is under-charged. if i was going to charge mayhem i would charge aggravated mayhem in and the alternative given the facts of this case, i would also charge the crime of torture that carries life sentence. the arrest clears giovanni ramirez the man first accused in the fatal beating. police now admit they got it wrong. both of suspects have violent criminal histories. people in the stand reported that there were two beledge rent
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fans in their section and they tracked them down with ticket sales. if convicted of the charges they face up to nine years in prison. we are hoping to learn more about the case when they are arraigned which is scheduled to happen at any minute now. east palo alto police are crediting the community for a tip that led to persons of interest in a recent homicide spree. the latest a double shooting outside a pizzeria. one person died. nick smith is live. investigators tying the shootings to previous ones? >> reporter: they are not saying but there is a press conference underway over my shoulder. they are telling us about the most recent developments in their two homicide investigations. east palo alto had once the
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distinction of having the highest homicide rate per capita in the country. >> unfortunately we can't do it one time. >> two overnight shooting says raising anxiety in east palo alto. >> it's totally unacceptable. >> last night two men a 19-year-old and an 18-year-old were in this parking lot on east bay shore road. while they were outside the car they were fired by unknown suspects. the shooting sent the 18-year-old to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries but the 19-year-old was fatally wounded and pronounced dead at the scene. the body count is six. >> we are not happy about the spike in violence. >> they don't know if the shootings have any connection or if they are remitted. >> the detectives are working on
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that right now. we had other are right now. >> east palo alto police have made some progress. they are crediting tips from the community in identifying persons of interest in two recent homicides. >> katherine fischer shot and killed in this 2500 block and hugo chavez, 26 years old on july 19th in this block of camilia court. >> we have voicemail tip line and e-mail tip line. use that and let us know what is going on so we can make the community safe with your help. >> east palo alto police stress to me that to solve she is crimes it must be a collaborative effort. for that information go to our website at in east palo alto, "abc 7 news." seattle police are warning that the brother of a man connected to a police shooting in san francisco may now be in the bay area.
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19-year-old kenneth harding died in a shootout. they say he was self-inflicted gunshot wound while running from police. now san francisco police have received an all-points bulletin that harding's brother may be in the bay area. that unidentified brother is believed to be wanted in the questioning in a 50-year-old washington man. a young man will return to richmond with quite a story to tell after surviving a bear attack in the alaskan wilderness and helped save two other people's lives. victor martin was that taking part in a would long wilderness survival program. his group was attacked by a grizzly bear and he suffered wounds to his ankles and feet. he used his skills during the training to treat two other
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teens which suffered more severe wounds. he with the injured teens for eight hours before help survived. >> he fell down. as he fell gown he started kicking and praying. thank god i taught my child how to pray. >> instructors spent three weeks training the teens before letting them fend for themselves. the grandmother criticizes the program saying they should have had better supervision. >> in norway the grandmother of the man that killed the people says she ashamed of his acts. he told the judge he expected to spend the rest of his life in prison for the deadly bombing. they say he was calm during the hearing and didn't seem affected by the attack. during the hearing the judge ordered him be held in complete
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isolation for the next several weeks after the suspect claimed there were two more cells in his organization. police are looking over a man at the time oh outlining his beliefs that europe must be saved from quote, muslim colonization. oslo was beginning to show the first signs of normalcy. most shops are open and trans running through city streets. police have lowered the death toll in the massacre outside of oslo to 68, down from 86. seven people were killed in a bombing in the government district. a moment of silence was held country wide for the victims killed in those two attacks. search for more victims continues and police have yet to release the names of the dead. democratic and republican leaders in congress are getting ready to unveil separate deficit reduction plans. this comes after leaders didn't make any progress over the
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weekend during talks with the white house. a plan by the house speaker john boehner would cut more than a trillion in spending and increase the debt ceiling by almost as much. harry reid is putting together his own package. it would cut the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion and extend borrowing authority through next year. today president obama told a latino group that a balanced approach is best way to solve the deficit problems. >> people from both parties have said the best way to take on the deficit is with a balanced approach, one where the wealthiest americans and big corporations pay their fair share too. a live look at the big board now, new york stock exchange you can see the dow is down 46 points. it was down as much as 145 points at the opening bell. >> nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation of a fellow democrat. today she sent a letter to the
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committee saying an investigation is warranted. she met with david wu over the weekend to discuss allegations of sexual misconduct. he is accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward an 18-year-old woman. neither pelosi or wu would talk about the meeting. an oregon paper says wu would not resign and plans on retiring in 2010. same-sex marriage filed a new challenge against the same-sex marriage law as weddings were celebrated around the state. more than 700 couples tied the did not yesterday. the lawsuit filed today claims new york's senate violated its own procedures and the open meetings law. the bill was adopted june 24, last day of the legislative session after gays close
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negotiations involving key lawmakers. >> are you ready for football? >> also, british police release new information about the death of singer amy winehouse. plus.... >> i want to thank you. >> she breaks her silence on tv. she described the alleged attack and response to charges that she is a prostitute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> breaking news on the football front. n.f.l. lockout is over. moments ago n.f.l. players agreed with a deal. executive committee arrived at washington, d.c. hotel where they begin voting. owners and players finalized the terms earlier today. many training camps were will be open on wednesday. it may be early enough to save the entire pre-season except for the hall of fame game. >> an autopsy on amy winehouse has now established what killed her but more toxicology tests and results won't be available for two to three weeks. there was a family memorial outside the apartment and thanked them for their support. she was found dead on saturday
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inside her home. she was just 27 years old. five-time grammy winner shot to the top in 2007. she spent years battling drug and alcohol addictions as well as an eating disorder. they did not find anything suspicious in her home. today michael jackson's mother and four children will announce a concert to honor the famous pop star. jackson died at his home back in june 2009. it will feature some of the world's most popular top performers but the line-up is still a secret. new york hotel maid accusing the head of imf of sexual assault is speaking out for the first time telling her story in graphic detail on tv exclusively >> i turned my head he grabbed me. no you don't have to to be sorry
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>> she says she wants dominique strauss-kahn behind bars for attacking her when she went to clean his hotel room in may. the case limbo after questions about her credibility. some have called her a prostitute. he denies those accusations which have utterly devastated her. >> she was considering taking her own life. she was so distraught about things being said. it was her 15-year-old daughter said mom, people don't know you. people that are saying things about you, they don't know you. >> you can watch much more of the interview coming up tonight on "nightline". meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> slow clearing outside. flight arrival delays and you
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can see some of the clouds as we look off from emeryville but notice breaks, we'll talk about how blue will be more prevalent in the forecast and today may be one of coolest days. >> we're seeing orange and black. president obama and world champions giants and guess who got out of jury duty. >> and find out why many medications are going to put a much smaller dent in your wallet.
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you can see
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a theater in haight ashbury has one night before they close its doors. it's ending a 31 year run. the shows are sold out. they say there was not enough support from the public to save it. all right. let's talk to mike, kind of
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cooler today. >> still is in a lot of areas. cloud cover is still hanging around as we look from mount tamalpais and sausalito in the foreground but you can't see san francisco but still colored in the clouds as we look from the top down. you see the north bay clearing out. east bay valleys but still the bay is dealing with it and the coast. temperatures are reflected in this as we look at 57 in half moon bay. low 60s around oakland, fremont and redwood city. you get mid to upper 50s where the sun has been out longer to 76 around antioch. monterey bay inland, low to upper 50s for you. lingering sunshine, lingering clouds will hang around the bay. that will keep us cooler than average. it's going going to be cloudy. looking for patches tomorrow morning commute. the weekend, you don't have to
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worry about that. it will trend warmer and temperatures get back to average. for today, we are shy by 3 degrees in oakland. napa 6, livermore 7, san jose 8. double-digits below average in redwood city. upper 70s in dublin and dumbville, and danville and dublin. low to mid-80s. richmond and berkeley, low to mid-70s for everybody else. down in the south bay, mid to upper 70s to 80 in los gatos. low to mid-70s along the peninsula. mid to upper 60s along with clouds along the coast. downtown san francisco, a few rays of sunshine especially later this afternoon. sausalito up to santa rosa, we'll have 70 to 78 degrees. same thing in sonoma.
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look at 80s cloverdale, clearlake and monterey bay, 75. mid-70s for the rest of the bay and low to mid-80s inland. if you are traveling around the state this afternoon, it hit 100. palm springs at 104. 75 with sunshine in the afternoon in san diego. heading up to the high country, 90 in yosemite with 78 at lake tahoe. rays are in town to take on the a's, 61 dropping down to kind of a cool 57 degrees by the time the game ends. we'll continue to drop to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. notice where the green is east bay hills, the peninsula, even off to the coast. that is where we'll find the drizzle for tomorrow morning's commute. look at the water vapor imagery, trough of low pressure digging right here. that is what is going to keep us cool today and tomorrow. this starts to lift wednesday,
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notice the small warming trend. temperatures get closer to average on thursday and then friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures above average mid-80s around the bay but kind of cool at the coast with low to mid-60s. >> dumbville, a picture of me? [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> several major prescription drugs are about to become cheaper. the brand names patents are about to expire. they include lipitor and blood thinner plavix. those are used by nearly six million americans. they will cost 20-80% than brand names counterparts. president obama welcomes the san francisco world series champions to the white house in
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the next hour. this marks perhaps the biggest honor yet for the giants since they won their first world championship last fall since coming san francisco in 1958. it takes a few months later than original reply planned. they were allergyly to do it in april in washington, d.c. but president obama was finalizing a strike on terrorist leader osama bin laden. >> the mayor is going to skip out jury duty. he was summoned as a potential juror but they recused him almost immediately because of the trip. we'll be right back. 8x8x8x8!
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today at 4:00 and 5:00, new survey reveals which household appliances and brands are more likely to break. and strain of 3-d movies. eye issues that come with watching 3-d. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for watching today. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. bye-bye.
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